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SHEEPSKIN LOFT was a dream in the making for many years... My name is Colena, I have been selling SHEEPSKIN products in the Lloydminster area since 1994. The idea originated from my Aunt, who opened a sheepskin store in Kelowna B.C. ten years prior. I started Sheepskin Loft with a small seasonal kiosk in the Lloyd Mall, and every year for 11 years from October to December, we set up and displayed a wonderful assortment of Wool and SHEEPSKIN products.  In 2002, my husband and I purchased a lovely piece of property just outside of Lloydminster. We built a huge garage with a LOFT on top... and this is where the name, SHEEPSKIN LOFT, was born. For six years we built a growing clientele and welcomed many loyal regular customers. It was always my dream to open a store where people could come year-round to purchase soft and comfortable SHEEPSKIN products.

     I am very proud to say that 80% of our products are Canadian made, and we import some items from New Zealand as well. We have found a great location that is very easy to find, and have filled it with beautiful SHEEPSKIN products that are very beneficial to so many people!

4305 57th Ave, Lloydminster Alberta T9V1Y4 Ph: 780-875-4044

     We have received a warm welcome from many locals and visitors alike! With our store now expanding online, we are excited to have my daughter Kaleen involved and introduce our products to new people so everyone can benefit from SHEEPSKIN!

     Our business is growing and growing every year, and we keep making it better with more SHEEPSKIN and other wonderful summer and winter wear...and great old fashioned customer service! We are here to help and serve you!


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