About us

Once Upon a Fleece: The SHEEPSKIN LOFT Journey 🐑✨

Greetings, fellow wool enthusiasts! I'm Colena, the curator of all things cozy in the lovely Lloydminster area since 1994. Brace yourselves for a tale of fluffy beginnings, comfy dreams, and an expansion that doubled the delight!

Picture this: a small seasonal kiosk nestled in the Lloyd Mall, where from October to December for 11 years straight, we sprinkled sheer magic with an array of Wool and SHEEPSKIN treasures. But wait, there's more! In 2002, I acquired a piece of land just beyond the city's reach. With boundless imagination and determination, I crafted a magnificent garage crowned with a dreamy LOFT. And lo and behold, SHEEPSKIN LOFT emerged from its cocoon!

For six splendid years, our flock of devoted customers grew as we spread the gospel of comfort. Yet, deep down, I yearned for a place where SHEEPSKIN wonders could grace lives year-round. And so, our current haven took shape – a treasure trove nestled at 4305 57th Ave in Lloydminster.

Did you know? A very large portion of our products are proudly Canadian-crafted, while we import a touch of magic from New Zealand & Australia. Our carefully curated den radiates with items that pamper your senses.

Local pals and wanderlust travelers alike have embraced us with open arms. And guess what? This year, our tale took a dazzling turn! We've expanded, doubling in size to accommodate even more comfort seekers. From humble beginnings to a cozy empire, SHEEPSKIN LOFT is your sanctuary.

The tale expands online too, with my daughter Kaleen joining the journey. Together, we weave a tapestry of cozy wonders that cater to all.

As seasons unfold, so does our tapestry. Year by year, stitch by stitch, we fill it with more SHEEPSKIN delights and other treasures for every season. And here's a secret – our customer service is as timeless as a grandmother's smile.

We're your go-to comfort guides! Have questions, or just fancy a woolly chat? Reach out to us:

📧 Colena - sheepskinloft@gmail.com
📧 Kaleen - kaleen@sheepskinloft.com

Whether in-store or through the digital realm, SHEEPSKIN LOFT is here to wrap you in the warm embrace of comfort.

Keep it cozy,
Colena & Kaleen