Merino Gold Serum

Merino Gold Serum

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Merino Placenta Serum is part of the Gold Range of Merino Skincare. Pure 23 Carat Gold Flakes in this rich Placenta Serum rejuvenate and revitalize delicate skin cells restoring everlasting youthfulness. Gold has been used for centuries as a remedy for various ailments. The softest of all metals, pure gold is hypo allergenic. When applied to the skin, it becomes separated into ultra-fine, invisible particles. Pure gold is easily absorbed through the skin and influences the skin at a cellular level giving new energy, clarity and anti-aging control.

This precious anti-aging formula contains active enzymes, proteins, anti-oxidants and vitamins to create a truly concentrated, luxury serum which nourishes and firms the skin. Merino Placenta Serum is as effective as it is affordable.

Directions For Use

Apply morning and night to lines and wrinkles to help promote cell renewal. Gently massage onto delicate skin, especially around the eyes.




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