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Medical Velcro Slippers

Medical Velcro Slippers

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Made from washable sheepskin, Sheepskin Medical slippers with a soft sole are long wearing, comfortable and warm. The sole has an extra layer of hide to prevent slipping. These slippers open within an inch of the end and have a Velcro closure for complete control. The luxurious fine wool on the inside of this slipper ensures comfort and warmth. Ideal for those who have difficulty getting footwear on their feet. Slippers should be snug fit at first. As you wear them, they will gradually stretch a little and mould to your foot. If you normally wear a size 10 shoe, go down a ½ size to 9 ½. Eg. If you normally wear 8 ½ order 8.

Unisex - Mens or Ladies

Sizing Chart: Inches
X-Small 9.5
Small 10
Medium 10.5
Large 11
X-Large 11.5